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about me

This is me and my family... There is nothing I've ever

loved more than being a mom! 

It's my kids who brought me to photographer over

14 years ago and it's just become part of me

to capture everything about them! 

Photography is my passion

and I'm thrilled to do both jobs -

mom & photographer!


"It isn't the great big pleasure that count the most;

it's making a great big deal

out of the little ones!"  -Jean Webster


That saying perfectly describes my life!!

It's all the little moments that make life so fun and

filled with happiness! 

My favorite photographs aren't the

perfectly posed ones; they're the moments

when they're being goofy and they can't stop laughing

at each other!  My style is playful, candid and fun!

These pictures are priceless because they capture

who they really are! This is the gift I want to give to you.